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Custom Made Adirondack Guideboats

Adventures And Expeditions

Dr. David Petters is a chiropractor who lives in Skaneateles, New York. A few years ago Dr. Dave was seized by the idea that he wanted to row the length of each of the eleven Finger Lakes in Western New York. He sent us an e-mail asking if he could borrow a boat for this…
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What Does Martha Stewart Think?

Yes, that Martha Stewart! Martha owns of one of our cedar Adirondack Guideboats. How, you ask, did that happen? Betsy Campana, a customer in Maryland, heard Martha say she was looking for a nice row boat. Betsy sent an e-mail, telling us what Martha had said, so we went to Martha’s website, clicked the ‘contact…
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Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is so special… everything is brought together, trying to capture the spirit of newlyweds . We are aware of several weddings in which our boats played a central part in making the day special. Most recently, we opened a copy of Vermont Magazine to find this two-page photo of one of our…
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From Gators to Glaciers

Years ago, when we were first putting together a website we received a photo of a customer rowing his Guideboat at the foot to Mendenhall Glacier in southern Alaska. The alliterative “From Gators to Glaciers” came to mind. Only problem was… we didn’t have any gator photos. We had several gator stories—but no photos. Well,…
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Adirondack Guideboat


Over the years we’ve sold boats to and made connections with a variety of well-known people. So, we thought we’d share some of our stories with you.   Morgan Freeman We didn’t actually sell a boat to Morgan Freeman, but this is such a cute story we couldn’t hold back. We had our boats at…
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Many people believe the “boating season” and “swimming season” are the same season. Those of us who build ‘dry boats’ know that that isn’t so. We have a customer, probably about 80 now, who prides himself on rowing every day until Christmas. If you felt the grip in his hand you’d know this was no…
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Folks often ask us how if they could take their dogs with them in our boats. Sure, why not? Once again, the picture is worth so much more than words. One of the most satisfying aspects of our boats….is how flexible they are…so many configurations, so many possibilities.      

Beached Fishing Dory


Old Guy and the Sea by Jake Lemon This is Jake Lemon, a customer and a custom furniture maker from Idaho. Along with him is Bernice. Jake sent us the following story: Over the phone my friend Keith told me, “If you end up in the drink, you’ll be hypothermic in 15 minutes.” Hearing that,…
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