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Meet the Crew of Adirondack Guideboat

Ian & Justin Martin


Justin and Ian Martin made the decision to stay in Vermont. In early spring of 2002, Justin met Steve Kaulback, the company founder and David Rosen, the company president. They hired him to build composite hulls for Adirondack Guideboat. Ian joined the team later that summer. Over the next ten years, the brothers learned all of the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the Adirondack Guideboat Company, from production to sales, to the nitty-gritty office work in hopes that they would someday be given the opportunity to own it themselves.


Erin Martin

Erin keeps Ian and Justin organized and runs the AGB office, which is not an easy task. Justin has been trying to get her to leave her nanny position and join the family business since the day they bought the company.

The real benefit is that Erin and Justin actually get to see each other in the daylight.

Dan Bushy


Dan has a long history with the company. When he was 16 and still in school he was working with an out-reach program that placed talented kids in local businesses. He’s an avid hunter, fisherman and an all-around outdoorsman. That catfish in the photo was no fluke. (Joke intended.)

There isn’t anything Dan won’t help us with. He installs the cherry trim and seats on our boats and can laminate a hull if need be. He’s one of those people who does everything with such a degree of skill that he makes it look easy.

Separate from the company he has a great wife (Brittany) and 2 beautiful daughters Lana and Skylar. In his spare tine he is also a licensed bird bander and collects data for the State of Vermont. We couldn’t do it with out him!


Steve Kaulback

Steve Kaulback is the founder and designer of Adirondack Guideboats. Steve is retired now, but he continues to custom build our sailing rigs, and occasionally represents the company at boat shows and events all across the country.

Steve first heard the virtues of the Adirondack Guideboat from his older brother, Peter, then a student at Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks. Time passed and Steve moved to Vermont after college. Warren Cole built the first Guideboat that Steve ever saw in person—the first Guideboat he rowed. One pull on the oars on a windy day was all that it took. Steve thought to himself, “That’s what I am going to do for the rest of my life.” Grace on the water and form so perfectly matched to function, how could he resist?

Bob Kinderman


Bob is our most recent addition to the Adirondack Guideboat staff. He is our MidWest Representative and is located in Trego in northwestern Wisconsin. Bob is a lifelong rowboat enthusiast. He started his rowing at age five on Lake Winnebago and now, fifty-five years later, he looks forward to rowing his Guideboat nine miles around Shell Lake twice a week. Bob has a model of each our boats, will arrange for demonstration rows, and will help you select the perfect Adirondack Guideboat to fit your needs. There is a selection of retail boats and accessories in Trego to get you on the water as soon as possible. “I look forward to meeting everyone anxious to row their first Adirondack Guideboat and to helping you hook up with the boat of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me so we can talk boats.”

David Rosen


David Rosen is now retired but remains an active advisor and counselor to the Martin brothers. He first saw an Adirondack Guideboat at a yard sale and fell in love. It wasn’t a very good boat, but he didn’t know any better and really discovered what quality Guideboats were all about at the Adirondack Museum.

David found Steve Kaulback’s name in a coffee table book. As it happened, both he and Steve lived about twenty miles from each other in Vermont. With funding from the insurance settlement from David’s burned down barn and woodshop, David bought that first “bad” Guideboat and then invested in Steve’s company. Even though David had been a woodworker, he certainly wasn’t in Steve’s league. Their general sense was…. Steve would build ‘em…. Dave would sell ‘em. The only problem was Dave could sell Guideboats faster than Steve could build them. So, they started expanding the company, hiring up to a dozen skilled craftsmen to meet the demand.

Scott and Amber Rouleau are owners and founders of Rouleau Communications, and big fans of Adirondack Guideboat. Please contact for press inquiries at: amber@rouleaucomm.com