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Hull Material

About Our Vermont Kayak and Canoe Alternative Hull Material

By dollar value, 87% of our sales are our Kevlar and fiberglass boats, 7% are our cedar guideboats,  6% are our cedar guideboat kits. Since our wooden boats cost approximately 4 times what our Kevlar boats cost, for most, the only issue is which size Kevlar boat, then color and accessories become the next issues to consider.

For others, it’s wood or nothing. The differences are primarily aesthetic. The handling characteristics are nearly identical. The wooden boat is a bit stiffer, the Kevlar boat is a bit more durable. If the boat is going to be slammed around, the Kevlar is the better selection. Some families own several of our boats. Dad and grandpa use the wooden boat, the rest of the family use the Kevlar. 

If you are unsure which Kayak and Canoe alternative to get, give us a call. While we are interested in making a sale….we are more interested in getting you into the right boat. And that, in the long run, is the best way for us to make sales. And, on occasion, when we hear what you want to do with your boat, sometimes we recommend somebody else’s boat.

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