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12-ft Vermont Packboat


Our Packboat marries
the best of modern and traditional features.

The design of the 12-ft Vermont Packboat is Kevlar composite construction with a unique hull shape that combines rounded aspects, flat aspects, and angled aspects, all of which come together to produce a speedy little seaworthy craft. It is a boat that inexperienced rowers can handle with confidence and experienced rowers find simply delightful.

It is light enough for most anyone to carry or easily transport. A solo fisherman can easily carry the boat into wilderness lakes. Our Vermont Packboat is a light, agile, fast, safe, seaworthy boat that is above all easy to row.

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All the Details

LENGTH: 12 feet

BEAM: 37½ inches

WEIGHT: 48 pounds

CAPACITY: up to 300 pounds

All new boats include custom cherry oars as standard equipment.


What is included with your 12-ft Vermont Packboat?

The boat hull is built with a Kevlar composite
and trimmed with select cherry wood. The
Vermont Packboat includes three cherry
caned seats, one cherry caned backrest for
the stern seat, one cherry caned backrest with
adjustable leather straps that moves between
the bow and center seat, one cherry footrest,
Okume floor boards, one set of oarlocks, 7′
cherry oars, and two Kevlar skid plates

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