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January 18, 2023

Building a Functional Work of Art

The pinnacle of our workmanship has to be our Cedar Adirondack Guideboats. Not only are they crafted with the most meticulous care, we keep aesthetics in mind every step of the way. Perhaps one of the most poignant examples of our sense of style is how we carefully select and mill the cedar strips which form the hulls of our masterpieces. Every single piece is chosen for harmony with its counterparts – a symphonic variation of color.

Cedar Color

December 22, 2022

New Line of Feathering Oars!

According to The Free Dictionary “To feather an oar” is a nautical term meaning:

To turn it when it leaves the water so that the blade will be horizontal and offer the least resistance to air while reaching for another stroke.

This can have a wonderfully positive effect on your rowing experience as the action of feathering the blades makes it easier to get them out of the water, but it is not intended solely to aid in the release of the blade from the water. Feathering makes it easier to carry the oar above the water on the recovery. Optimally, feathering requires very little effort.

So, to that end, we have been perfecting a new line of light-weight, spruce feathering oars to provide a buttery-smooth rowing instrument custom-tailored to our Guideboats. They will be available on our site next week to enhance your enjoyment of and the performance of our fine watercraft.

December 12, 2022

That’s A Wrap!

We believe all of our boats are special – unique, handmade watercraft steeped in tradition. All of that tradition comes to life again every time we finish one of our Cedar Adirondack Guideboats. Our most recent opus is no exception.

A customer wanted a boat that was not only special, but also singularly theirs. We consulted with them and crafted one of our Cedar Guideboats with some astonishing original touches.

This very special build has custom curly maple decks accompanied by wide blade spoon oars with leather collars (made by us). The oars and sliding seat are both made from cherry with maple accents that match the decks. We hope the client loves it as much as we enjoyed crafting it!

Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor one of our fine watercraft to suit your very own needs and aesthetics.

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February 13, 2020
The Solo Pack Boat Goes On A Diet

We’re always trying to improve our product. This 12’ Solo Pack Boat is made with more Kevlar, no gelcoat inside or pigment in the resin. We made it a clear-skin for a lighter-weight boat and shaved 5 lbs off. We plan on offering a light-weight solo version in all lengths. More to come…

December 27, 2019
Rowing For Exercise

This little clip gives a good idea of how an Adirondack guide boat works as a rowing craft in the open waters of Puget Sound. The boat was built in Vermont
by Adirondack Guideboat Company and the oars are from Shaw and Tenny in Mane, the traditional 8 foot length for such boats. People from Pocock
and Cncept 2 gave me great help in setting up the oarlock system, as did a machine shop in Tacoma.


Not a bad way to get the heartrate up – seals and sea lions pop up to check me out, eagles and hawks wander by overhead, and the boat style and design make it totally dry in a stiff chop. It’s not as fast as a true or even open water single, but feels right as a pulling boat, goes right along, and is very capable. 


December 3, 2019
Paddle Our Packboats Like A Kayak

Our 12′ Vermont Packboat and 12′ Ultra-Light Solo Packboat both work amazingly well with a 250 cm kayak paddle! Make sure you are facing forward in the boat. Check out our customer who sent us this video of him sporting a kayak paddle in his Packboat!



Paddle Our 12′ Packboats Like A Kayak!

November 22, 2019
Getting A Running Start On A Cedar Guideboat


Making A Boat Your Own

Almost always our best ideas have emerged from specific deals or arrangements with customers. In this case, we had a customer who wanted to get a running start on building one of our wooden boats. HE is so delighted with how its working….as are we… let’s see if it works for others. We will do approximately half of the work in building your boat. You’ll receive a completely assembled hull.

We will mount and strip a 15ft cedar guide boat. We will install cherry decks and ash rub strips. Screw holes will be plugged, the hull will be sanded, glassed and epoxied. Included will be all the parts, brass, seats and hardware to finish the boat. After that it is basically sanding, fitting and finish work. Cherry oars will require finish sanding and varnish. All seat backs and hardware are included. There will be a manual from the point of pick-up to completion. And our phone number.

Price for a 15ft boat, $9700. Completed price, $16,700. We estimate 150 hours of additional work needed. Add or subtract $250 depending on length.