Custom Made Adirondack Guideboats

December 3, 2019
Paddle Our Packboats Like A Kayak

Our 12′ Vermont Packboat and 12′ Ultra-Light Solo Packboat both work amazingly well with a 250 cm kayak paddle! Make sure you are facing forward in the boat. Check out our customer who sent us this video of him sporting a kayak paddle in his Packboat!

Paddle Our 12′ Packboats Like A Kayak!

November 22, 2019
Getting A Running Start On A Cedar Guideboat

Making A Boat Your Own
Almost always our best ideas have emerged from specific deals or arrangements with customers. In this case, we had a customer who wanted to get a running start on building one of our wooden boats. HE is so delighted with how its are we... let’s see if it works for others. We will do approximately half of the work in building your boat. You’ll receive a completely assembled hull. 
We will mount and strip a 15ft cedar guide boat. We will install cherry decks and ash rub strips. Screw holes will be plugged, the hull will be sanded, glassed and epoxied. Included will be all the parts, brass, seats and hardware to finish the boat. After that it is basically sanding, fitting and finish work. Cherry oars will require finish sanding and varnish. All seat backs and hardware are included. There will be a manual from the point of pick-up to completion. And our phone number. 
Price for a 15ft boat, $9700. Completed price, $16,700. We estimate 150 hours of additional work needed. Add or subtract $250 depending on length.