All of the AGB boats that you buy are custom made and take time to craft. If you are in a hurry to get a boat and can’t bear to wait, check out the below option of ready-made boats that are in our shop waiting for an owner. This inventory changes quickly. If you would like more photos of any of these boats, send us an e-mail or give us a call, tell us in which boat you are interested and we’ll get you more details.

12ft  Solo Pack Boat

With a Dark Blue exterior and a Brown interior, this Solo Pack Boat is ready for the water.

Call to reserve her today.

15ft Adirondack Guide Boat

This signature Adirondack Guide Boat has a burgundy exterior and a khaki interior. It comes with our custom made cherry oars and is ready to ship!

14ft Vermont Dory

Looking for a great gift? This 14ft Vermont Dory has dark blue exterior and a brown interior. The boat comes with our custom made cherry oars.

She is ready for the water. Call to reserve her today.

15ft Solo Guide Boat

This boat is a new build as we experiment to provide you with the best pack boat. This boat weighs in at 60lbs and includes oars, all of the standard hardware, a sliding seat, a fixed seat, floorboard, and foot brace.

Call to reserve her.


We currently have about a 2 week wait on new Kevlar boats. Order yours before the wait gets any longer as we head into the warmer months.

Color choices for boats are: dark green, dark blue, burgundy, ivory, red, white, light blue, black, yellow or sea-foam green (light green.) Tan interior or green/brown interior. See all of the color-choices, popular options and more on our COLOR OPTIONS page.