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Color Options

Selecting Your Vermont Kayak and Canoe Alternative Color Options

Exterior Color Options

Color choices mostly apply to our Kevlar boats. However, in the old days, a majority of the wooden kayak and canoe alteratives in the Adirondack were painted. Even today, perhaps 10% of our wooden boats are painted. Sometimes inside and out, sometimes only the exterior. If you are thinking in that direction regarding a wooden boat, let’s talk. The balance of this color conversation will apply to our Kevlar boats.

All of the boat colors are rich and deep and durable. Rather than using gelcoat, we tint our resins. The particular color of your boat will vary from day to day, hour to hour, by light and the shadows playing on the hull.

Biscayne Blue

New Color

Biscayne Blue

Dark Green

30% Choose This Color

Dark Blue

15% Choose This Color


15% Choose This Color

Light Blue

4% Choose This Color

Jet Black

12% Choose This Color


15% Choose This Color

Bright Red

5% Choose This Color

Bright Yellow

3% Choose This Color

Sea Foam Green

1% Choose This Color

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Interior Color Options

Light or dark? People call the light color “tan” or “cream.” The dark is either “brown” or “green.” Whatever your eyes tell you it is, make sure we understand your preference. The darker color (brown/green) outsells the tan/cream by 2 to 1. Makes no diff to us.

Tan/Light Interior

Dark Interior