14-ft Vermont Dory


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Length: 14 feet
Beam: 44 inches
Weight: 80 pounds
Capacity: up to 700 pounds

Our Vermont Dory is now the most popular boat we build. It is a beautifully-shaped Kevlar composite boat known for its outstanding versatile design providing both an excellent rowing boat and an excellent sailing boat. It is the boat of choice for camp cruising, fishing, and long distance open water rowing. Our unique design marries a sharp waterline with a wide flat keel, symmetrically  concaved bilges and a hard chine. The result is a very stable boat with a huge 700-pound capacity. Yet you also have a responsive, fast, seaworthy boat that is very easy to row.

The boat hull is built with a Kevlar composite and trimmed with select cherry wood. The Vermont Dory includes three cherry seats with black nylon webbing, two maple oars, two cherry caned backrests with adjustable leather straps that move between all positions, three sets of oarlocks, one cherry footrest, Okume floor boards and two Kevlar skid plates.

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The Vermont Dory is our most popular selling rowing boat. Steve Kaulback expanded his Packboat design to 14 feet, creating a very stable and fast row boat that is excellent for fishing, sailing, and long distance cruising. This boat appeals to folks that are looking for a small rowing boat that gives the initial stability that you would otherwise get from a canoe or kayak.

It is a beautifully-shaped row boat known for its outstanding versatile design providing both an excellent rowing boat and an excellent sailing boat. The design marries a sharp waterline with a wide flat keel, symmetrically concaved bilges and hard chines. The result is a very stable row boat that you can safely stand in, yet also a responsive boat that is fast and agile on the water with a huge 700-pound capacity.

We met a charming young woman at the Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport. She is a student at the University of Vermont, a sailing instructor on Malletts Bay and an all-around water-person. This short YouTube clip shows Mia rowing our Vermont Fishing Dory. Mia had never rowed much of anything. This video was taken with perhaps five minutes experience in our boat. One of the things we particularly like about this small clip is…..it shows the relation between the boat and the water. Experienced boat-folk can see a lot in how the Vermont Fishing Dory boat moves.

John Gardner, the dean of small-boat-building in America, leaned toward Steve at a conference on boatbuilding at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. The speaker at the podium had just said something about “…the perfect hull…..” John whispered to Steve, “The perfect hull ain’t been built.”  We aren’t going to tell you that the perfect hull has been built. In fact, the point that John was making was that “the perfect hull” is an ignorant concept. The question is always ….perfect for what?

There are hulls more perfect for this and less perfect for that. As wonderful as the Adirondack Guideboat is….every boat, especially a small row boat, is a collection of compromises. All Adirondack Guide Boats are seaworthy….they’ll take on the roughest water, waves, wind and open ocean…..but stable enough for standing? No, not until we introduced the Vermont Dory.

Performance testing of Adirondack Guideboat's 14-ft Vermont Fishing Dory

Steve tested the Vermont Dory stability and his dance moves when we launched the first hull

This photo shows Steve dancing about, testing the boat, the first day we put one into the water. It quickly became the most popular boat that we build. We are proud to report happy customers from coast to coast and around the globe.

Production disclaimer:

Adirondack Guide Boat products are usually built to order. Depending on the season we usually have boats in stock….but whether they are the model, size and color you are seeking…..well, a phone call or an e-mail can answer that question. Please have a look at our current inventory page and see what we’ve got.