Fishing Boats

Custom Made Adirondack Guideboats

Fishing Boats


Pictures are sometimes worth so much more than words. Here is a collection of AGB owners using their boats for the one thing all boats are good for…fishing.

The AGB Vermont Dory is stable enough for standing and stealthy enough for catching big fish. All of our boats make excellent fishing boats, and wonderful trolling boats.

A customer told us he had to stop fishing for bluefish in Long Island Sound in his Vermont Packboat because he couldn’t fit any more fish into the boat. It sounds like a fish story to us….but boy, we’d love to have seen the photo.

Another customer told us of being towed in his Vermont Fishing Dory from Charleston Harbor out into the ocean by a 45-lb redfish caught on a fly rod. Folks on the shore watched in disbelief as he sat there being dragged along.

The low center of gravity of AGB boats allows you to take your mind off the boat and keep it where it belongs, on the fish. The pinned oars often sit in the water. An oar, pulled or pushed with either hand, will turn your boat to

Standing Dory

face whichever way the fish is running. The low draft inherent in all of AGB boats makes it possible for you to get almost anywhere while making almost no noise. The boats are easy to row and can cover a large amount of water—getting you to where the fish are. The boats are butt and back friendly, allowing you to comfortably sit while seeking your prey.