Custom Made Adirondack Guideboats

Accessories for Your Vermont Row Boat

8’ Custom Cherry Guideboat Oars $650

7½’ Custom Cherry Dory Oars $550

7’ Custom Cherry Packboat Oars $450

Sneak Paddle $165

Oarlock Horn $60

Oarlock Strap $45

Oar Bag $110

Fancy Backrest $230

Sliding Seat $300

Sliding Seat Foot Brace $65

Fishing Rod Holder $79

Boat Cradle $200

Motor Mount (14 & 15 foot boats) $175

Blocks & Straps $25

Boat Cover $400-$450


Trailex Trailer SUT-220-S 

We’ve been selling this trailer for years….made by Trailex ( in Ohio. It’s light and well-made….suiting our boats to a T. We sell them either assembled ($1283+ shipping, approximately $140.) or unassembled ($1033 + shipping, approximately $140.) Assembly takes 4-5 hours. The trailer requires a 1 7/8″ ball and what is called a 4 flat plug. This trailer makes moving your boat around a snap. And, it’s so light, you don’t even need to back your car to the water…just unhook the trailer and wheel it down like a big garden cart.

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