Accessories for Your Vermont Kayak and Canoe Alternative

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Introducing Our New Seat and Backrest Series of Accessories

Guide Boat Bow Seat $70

Guide Boat Stern Backrest $79

Guide Boat Center Seat $70

Guide Boat Stern Seat $70

Dory Bow and Stern Seat $70
Also Fits Guide Boat Center

Dory Center Seat $80

Solo Packboat Fixed Backrest $110


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Our Additional Accessories

Enhance Your Rowing Expierience With Our All-New Cherry Spoons
7′ $535
7′ 6″ $585
7′ 10″ $635

TRADITIONAL 7′ 10″ Custom Cherry Guideboat Oars $650 (Standard with New Cedar Boats)

Cherry Flat-Blade Fixed Pin Oars (Standard with New Kevlar Boats)
7′ $450
7′ 6″ $500
7′ 10″ $550

Sneak Paddle $200

Oarlock Horn Set of Two

Oarlock Strap Set Set of Four

Boat Totes

Oar Bag

Fancy Backrest without Leather

Fancy Backrest with Leather

A full set of hinges and leather buckles included.

Sliding Seat

Sliding Seat Foot Brace

Boat Cradles

Boat Cover


Motor Mount (14 & 15 Foot Boats ONLY)

Foam Block and Strap Kit

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